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“…more Yasunao Tone than Curtis Roads. 100% straight looney tunes.”

Nada is pleased to present Keroaän – Pulsars in Rhombus Form. PIRF is a real-time generative music agent with two major components: a listener and a player.

The listener takes as input an audio stream from the album Planisphærium by sci-fi technical death metal band Wormed (ES). It identifies kick and snare drum strikes as well as vocal phrasing and communicates its findings to the player in order to trigger gestural events and compositional shifts.

The player consists of an 8-voice Max/MSP implementation of pulsar synthesis (Roads). Its parameters are controlled by various chaotic maps and stochastic methods.

The program performs with no human intervention whatsoever.

Available as:
Professionally duplicated, red audio cassette.
Digital download via Bandcamp.

Keroaän is a musical artificial intelligence developed to perform without any human intervention whatsoever. The program is a collaborative research project between Ian M Fraser and Reed Evan Rosenberg.


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