A.P Vague and Ian M Fraser live @ AUX (edit)

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Documentation: Jesse Kuder & Ian M Fraser live @ ASPS 3/16/13

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Documentation: Ian M Fraser + Jesse Kudler @ International House Philadelphia, PA 9/5/2010

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Documentation: Keroaän – live @ AUX 272013

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Web Release: Lateral Addition

Reed Evan Rosenberg and I have a collection of short studies of the Henon Map in the first issue of the bi-yearly web-zine Lateral Addition. Play it loud!

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Music: Quartet With Pyramid Scheme

From March until the beginning of July 2011, Jordan Topiel Paul, Eric Laska, Richard Kamerman and Reed Even Rosenberg curated an online audio installation that gradually expanded over the sixteen weeks of it’s existence, every two weeks adding new participants invited from the previous weeks participants. Around 512 musicians and artists were asked to contribute by the end of the process, myself being one of them.

The following two recordings are the submissions I sent. The first is a simple FM synth driven by an I Ching oracle object. The second is a re-working of material recorded by Jesse Kudler and I.

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Web Release: Homophoni 041

Jesse Kudler and Ian M Fraser – “Getting love from all the wrong places”

Recorded live on 15th September 2008 by Ethan Tripp. Edited and mastered by Jesse Kudler. Artwork by Faryal Maroof.  Available now at homophoni.

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